A pregnant pause: Thoughts on life and writing

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BBenjamin Franklin is known for saying, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” I’ve been working on the later part of that statement the past few months.

Specifically, I’m currently growing a person.

My husband and I are becoming a trio.Yes, friends, I’m expecting my first baby! I’m now 17 weeks along, and pregnancy has been treating me well. In addition to baby-growing, in the past couple months since I’ve last posted here, I found myself being promoted to an exciting (and demanding) position at work and knocking out a few more grad school classes.

This left over little, if any, brain power for blogging. At times I felt quite behind and even chided myself, but then I thought:

Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. As it should.

In a recent class, I made my first (ever!) attempts at video editing. I find the film medium a wonderful way to share stories, and decided to share my latest personal project with you.

Say cheese! Check out the surprised reactions we caught on video…


  1. Some things are worth waiting for.

  2. I fully agree with letting life get in the way of blogging. Congratulations again! I love the video. I’ve shown it to several people, because I’m happy for you and so proud of how good it turned out. I hope you continue to make these memorable videos.

    • Thank you, Priscilla! I’m so glad we had that video class, and although it was uncharted (and intimidating) territory during the semester, I’m glad to know some basics. I appreciate you sharing it! I have another video planned for later…you’ll be seeing it.

  3. I love the video!!! So cute! And I’m so exited for you. Life should always get in the way of blogging, otherwise what do you have to blog about? Love you friend and SOO excited for the Beck family!

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