Announcing the official 12.12.12 essay contest

Announcing the official 12.12.12 essay contest

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To celebrate the rad date coming to a calendar near you, I’m pleased to announce the one and only 12.12.12 essay contest.

All that stands between you and one of the 12 fantastic prizes below is a 12-word essay. (Yup, you read that right!) Write your essay on any topic, any style. Haiku it up. Give me your best poetry. Go sappy, bold, or scientific. Whatever you do, use your own words. Give your original essay a title, and enter by 11:59 p.m. MST on December 10, doing the following:

1. “Like” the delighted to write Facebook page (if you already did, you rock!)
2a. Write your 12-word essay in the comment section of this post – OR- 
2b. “Share” the essay announcement and your essay on Facebook.

I’ll judge the essays on December 11, and announce the 12 winners on 12.12.12, at 12:12pm. (Yeah, I’m getting pretty into the number thing – after all, the world won’t see a six-digit matching date like this until January 2101!)

After selecting six winners in predetermined categories, I’ll do a random drawing to determine the other six, so everyone has a chance to win.

New note for ARIZONANS: If you live in the Phoenix-metro area, you’re eligible to win the photo shoot with Selena of Sorensen Studios. Please indicate {from PHX} with your essay entry.

New note if you’re under 18:  I have a prize just for you! Please indicate your age, like this: {age 16}. Thanks, and good luck!

Prizes, baby!

We all know the best part of contests are the PRIZES and I’m pleased to announce these totally awesome sponsors for this celebration of words.  See descriptions of prizes below. Value totaling more than $700.*


1. Artist (and my talented mama!) Chalice offers an original 18 x 24 acrylic painting, “Drop of Honey.” It’s hand-stretched 3/4″ solid wood frame, perfect for frameless display. See her ColorExpression Fine Arts Studio Etsy shop for colorful gift ideas you won’t find anywhere else. ($150 value)

2. Brittany of OohThePlacesYoullGo Etsy shop will give a lucky winner a unique notebook journal. ($5.25 value)

3. Wordologist Amy Taylor offers a website analysis and one free hour of copywriting services. Check out her site to see how she works the word magic: ($150 value)

4. Creative genius Nick of will let a winner choose an 8×10 print of one of his General Conference message designs. See the selection here. ($20 value)

5. Clever Preston of Ink of Me agreed to sponsor a typography masterpiece, “Home is Where the Heart Is.” Love the personalized options! ($15 value)

6. Ready for your closeup? Win a mini photo shoot with Selena of Sorensen Studios! She took the typewriter pictures of me you see here and makes every shoot FUN. *Only for friends in the Phoenix-metro area. ($250 value)

7. Write like Shakespeare! This calligraphy set includes two traditionally made hand-cut quills, one ink bottle with powdered ink, ten pieces of marbled paper, and a Chauncery Cursive Calligraphy Guide – everything you need to get started. Sponsored by Jason of PendorasBox. ($15 value)

8. Just in time for Christmas, Elizabeth is sponsoring this set of Vintage Snow Man Christmas Gift Cards. See her darling Etsy shop, MSLIZZ for more gifting ideas. ($6 value)

9. Crafty Caitlin of Caitlin’s Creations handmade this paper bunting from patterned scrapbook paper, vintage dictionary pages her blue and white striped bias tape. Comes with velcro closures for easy hanging. ($12 value)

10. From her brand new site (check it out!) Lemons and Lace, Joslyn is sponsoring a Chevron Craze turban headband, handmade with black and white chevron fabric and black bow. Made with stretchy knit for all-day comfort. ($9.99 value)

11. Author and blogger Brittany will send a lucky someone her book, “Play Together, Stay Together: Games that Fortify Your Family.” Check out her blog for ideas on strengthening your family through recreation. ($9.99 value)

12. This hand-crocheted hat with detachable flower was made with 100% acrylic yarn. It was made to fit slouchy style on infant/smaller toddler or beanie style on larger toddler/smaller preschooler. See more of Emma’s creations at ($25 value)

*Value of prizes is actually higher than denoted, since shipping and handling are not included. The sponsors will be sending the prizes to the winners and/or coordinating the services.


  1. Mustache
    a haiku

    Bristly walrus
    Cracker crumbs and milk all trapped
    You should really shave

  2. What is the answer?
    12-12-12 squared just equals
    1 to 6 mirrored

  3. On Wednesday the 12th
    The calendar ends – so no
    Trash pickup Thursday?

  4. “Bacon”
    Strip of heaven in my mouth.
    Slowly killing me.
    I die happy.

  5. I’ll gladly take trials accompanied by peace, than trials filled with guilt.

  6. Baby Bath

    Splish splish in the bath,
    nothing stays dry in my watery path!

  7. Glancing from my smartphone, family had put me in a nursing home.

  8. Haha! I’m guessing the “Bacon” essay was submitted by my Anthony. If not, my Anthony and this Anthony need to get together! It made me laugh. 🙂

    Ok…on to my essay!

    “Current Motherhood Thought”

    Sleeping children are the best! Gives the mother lots of needed rest.

    (Can you guess what my daughter and her friend are currently doing?) 😉

  9. 2012: married my best friend, a new job, and two fur babies.

  10. I’m humbled by people who honor themselves online. It’s basically digital masturbation.

  11. Brandy Slater (The Grammar Belle)

    An editor turned writer serves two mistresses—both inside her own head.

  12. Anything is everything.
    Everything is anything.
    Anything can be nothing and something.

  13. I was really surprised at how hard it is to write just a 12 word essay. 500 words would be no problem, but there’s so little room in twelve words to say what you reallly want! I shared your photo on Facebook and included my essay there! Can’lt wait to see who the winners are! Great job, Crystalee!

  14. The farewell reception for the escaped inmate was a fine mess. Oxymorons!

  15. Tough. Though. Through. Thought.

    The English language is a wonderful frustration.

  16. Of all nightmares to come true it had to be about you.

  17. heartless hungry walls
    chewing on the carpet’s edge
    colder than out there

  18. Love this idea:

    Holiday focus
    Food, gifts and cheer
    True generosity
    Is not a season

  19. Last time in a century,
    a day like today –
    twelve twelve twelve.

  20. Julie Bloss Kelsey

    Using the planetarium’s starfield, I can finally give directions to my place.

  21. Chris Lemon’s 12-12-12 essay entry:
    December is about finality, rebirth. Negotiating renaissance. Holding old and new space!

  22. “Unicorns”
    If glue is made from horses,
    then Superglue is made from Unicorns.

  23. In honor of my upcoming college graduation (December 15!):

    “Under this cap lies gaffes, giggles, gallantry, growth, gratitude and one GRADUATE.”

  24. “The Coffee Addict”

    Jolt of java,
    Lifeblood to my soul!
    Without you, I’m not whole.

  25. “Pray”

    Problems plague life,
    Ruthlessly sometimes.
    And the best answers come when

  26. Yet another essay.
    “The Mayans Could Be Right”–by Chris Lemon
    The end? Might be calling in “DOOMSDAY ” to work on the thirteenth.

  27. Pessimistic
    It is impossible to write an essay that’s only 12 words long…

  28. The Fresh Prince moved to California because of a fight? Mama’s boy…

  29. Twitter would have made
    an excelent pressure-relief valve
    for Jack Kerouac.

  30. Christpocalypse

    December. Christmas and zombie hordes draw near. I am prepared for both.

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