Every writer starts somewhere

January 4, 2016 |  by  |  Uncategorized  |  2 Comments

IMG_7919I’m still here, resisting breaking a cardinal rule of blogging: Never apologize for not blogging.

It’s been many months since I’ve posted here. The bulk of my energy during that time went into growing another human. Born last summer, my son came a blink-of-an-eye 18 months after his sister. They were quick friends, and their cuteness makes up for my daily tackle of their combined piles of dirty diapers.

To me, one of the most wondrous parts of motherhood is taking part in creating living, heart-beating little beings. Looking at my new boy, with his kissable lips and chunky cheeks, it’s an ethereal thrill to know he’s mine. Yep, I made that.

Perhaps it’s the fact my little mister sleeps more than three hours at a time now (the struggle has been real!), or it could be resolution-primed January. Maybe it’s knowing I’ll start teaching a university “Media Writing” class next week, or that today I turn 30. Whatever the reason, I find my creativity calling.

It’s time to write again, and  I have big hopes for 2016.

Where to begin? In my lists of articles, blog posts, and book ideas, I often paralyze myself into thinking I need to do it all and DO IT NOW. When I feel my dream of being an author seems too big, here’s my go-to reminder quote from Barbara DeMarco-Barrett (as quoted in Mama Writer):

Everyone who is published was once unpublished. You really have to believe in yourself and build yourself up instead of worrying you’re not good enough.

As I watch my babies learn the most basic of human abilities (one is currently mastering rolling over, the other busts out new words and phrases), I recognize the importance of taking little steps. We don’t run before we walk. We don’t see our name on novels before we write the first page. Every writer starts somewhere.