Happy updates: business, publication, book

The Becks Go to Alaska

June in Juneau! We went on an Alaskan cruise last month.

The past few months my life has exploded with goodness. I think I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Why? It’s not the fact I just returned from a trip to Alaska (although that doesn’t hurt!) Many simple things have been bringing me joy lately, and I feel it’s time to share. I’ve changed the way I think, and made small changes to how I use my time. It’s transformed the way I look at the world.

Remember how I made a year theme to do “more socializing, less social media“? I’ve made effort to reach out to people, take time in-person. For me, that satisfies my need for connection. As human beings, we all yearn to be connected. Social media can never ever take the place of a hug, feeling someone’s peppy energy, or looking into their eyes.

I also had another simple year mantra: Less stress, more fun. Here at the mid-way point in the year, this is also going well. Every day I take time to do things I really love. I start my morning with “truth time.” I exercise and care for my body with healthy food. I play with my babies. I find inspiration in reading good books, talking with interesting people, and most importantly, taking time with myself — to think, feel, and listen to what’s happening in the quiet recesses of my mind. This leads to kindness. As Gautama Buddha said:

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

Why do I share a peek into my personal journey? I am enjoying the thoughts of many authors, speakers, philosophers, entrepreneurs — and I want to pass on how these habits help me. I find truth, in it’s variety of sources, frequently intersects. The more truth I invite into my life, the happier I feel.

I also share because this has impacted my writing journey in a few exciting ways. Here are three happy updates:

  1. I have started a business, Professional Communication Consulting, LLC. I am working with several fascinating clients, doing a variety of corporate communication projects. I’m doing things like writing case studies, blog posts, marketing emails, and making plans for a corporate anniversary. The funny thing is, I used to think of myself doing this. I had fear for years of not knowing all about starting a business (who does?) or failing (so what if I do?) or finding a balance between being a mom and a professional (that’s worked out too). Once I got up the nerve to get a business license, I found my previous concerns melted away. I make mistakes. I let them go. I’m willing to learn. Isn’t that the whole point, anyways? My new professional website is in the works; I’ll share more about that when it’s up.
  2. Academic Publication. My thesis on managerial gratitude is now published in Corporate Communication: An International Journal. This is a thrill for me. It took an intimidating two-year process of revisions. I’d never worked so hard on a project before. Thank you again, to those who participated in my survey; as promised long ago, I will be sending out an email with the finding highlights.
  3. Working on a book. I’ve mentioned many times here how I dream of seeing my name on a book. Being an author has intrigued me since the time I wrote little books as a child and made my family library cards to check them out. This will be a long process, but I am not in a rush.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Oh, she’s just happy because things are going well.” Then again, are things going well because I’m happy? I think it’s probably both. Our thoughts tend to become reality, which makes our reality a reflection of what we think. I believe we all deserve to be excited about our lives, to go from one success to another. I keep asking myself, “Why not me?” and I say the same to you: “Why not YOU?” Go after your happy.


  1. Way to go! Great thoughts.

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Happy updates: business, publication, book

Happy updates: business, publication, book

The past few months my life has exploded with goodness. I think I'm happier than I've ever been. Why? It's...

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