In defense of four-letter words

In defense of four-letter words

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Why do four-letter words get such a bad rap?

There’s much more to them than wash-your-mouth-out varieties.  Think about it. We livelove, and grow every day.

Here’s my battle call, pals:

Let’s take back the four-letter word for good!

After all, four-letter words mark the best in life, like time at home. Those of you born in June or July would agree, and if you’re from Asia (or Utah for that matter!)

We play at the park, jump in sand, make a wish on a star, and kiss our true love.

Four-letter words give surfers chased by a shark something to say: “Dude, swim fast!”

And these top-notch brands find  a spot in daily life, made possible by four-letters: Nike, VISA, eBaySony, Ford, Avon, Coca-Cola, OreoTaco BellTIME magazine.

Another wordbliss thought: Are you a four-letter word?

My husband is a whole string of them: Ryan Kent Beck. (If you’re an Adam, Anne, Phil, Kate, Josh, Mary, Zane, Tami, Matt, Ally, John, Dave, Paul, Gwen, or Seth…this is where you nod your head.)

I’m in this club too. Both my maiden (Webb) and married (Beck) last names are four letters. And perhaps I’m so partial because my favorite number is four.


What (G-rated, please) four-letter word could you not live without?




  1. I certainly couldn’t live without {naps} for my girls or my dog {Jack}!

  2. One of my favorite four letter activities is to HIKE

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