Meet Crystalee


crystalee writerWelcome to my corner of the digital world. I’m Crystalee Beck and you’re looking at my Watch out, Lois Lane! face. Now let’s play a little game called  Choose-Your-Introduction.

10 seconds or less: Elevator Pitch

I’m a communication consultant, published freelance writer, and adjunct instructor at a university. As a life-long learner, I’m fascinated daily by the power of words. Quite literally, I’m delighted to write.

A bit more: Professional Bio

A word wrangler by profession, I have lassoed marketing sentences for some of the world’s most admired tech companies, including Microsoft, Yahoo, Schneider Electric, and Sony. I earned a degree in communications from BYU, and a Master of Professional Communication at Weber State University.

I live, breathe, and edit words all day (and night!) but can’t seem to get enough of them, as some stories beg to be told. I’m incredibly passionate about promoting positive causes and recognizing unsung heroes. I’ve used my word-crafting flair to publicize non-profit events and for-profit book launches in the Chicago market, share feature stories of inspiring people, and manage social media for a global company. All this – always on a deadline.

Maybe more than you wanna know: 15 Facts about Crystalee

  1. I tend to have my most interesting writing ideas in the space between asleep and awake. That, or at 33,000 feet – something about flying heightens my creativity.
  2. I tend to favor the color teal in almost every circumstance. Love it.
  3. True story: My husband Ryan and I rang in the new year 2013 under the glow of the Eiffel Tower. Mmmm..Paris!
  4. Call me a literary conservationist; I think cursive handwriting needs to live on!
  5. I’ve had dozens of pen pals over the years and check the mailbox daily, hoping for the glee of friendly snail mail.
  6. My relationship with God matters most to me. I’m a Mormon.
  7. You can make 100 words out of my name.
  8. Prone to wanderlust, as a full-time flight attendant, I made it to all 50 states at age 25. From Alaska to Alabama – ask to see my rad postcard collection!
  9. I believe in crunching fall leaves, blending fruit smoothies, and using the Oxford comma.
  10. “The Princess Bride” by William Goldman never fails me. I’ve reread it many times, even in single sittings. Looking for laugh-out-loud hilarity? Skip the movie and pick up the book.
  11. I’ve lived in California, Utah, Arizona, Illinois (Chicago internship) and England (London study abroad in college). Lesson learned: I’m a sunny weather gal.
  12. I’ve ran five half marathons – and survived!
  13. When costume time rolls around, I go all out. Halloween: I love you.
  14. My menu is gluten-free. My article explains.
  15. Meet my pal JC, the shoe-shining legend of the SLC airport.


Photography by creative Selena at Sorensen Studios.