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I started my own Twitter journey a year ago on the quest to manage @MarketStar‘s corporate account. While I’d been a skeptic, I soon preferred the 140-character platform. That’s where I meet brilliant folks like @nicknewman801, today’s featured writer. Nick Newman rocks the Twittersphere, and you’ll soon see why he’s so passionate about it. #GoNick!

Q. You’ve managed social media platforms for a major regional bank in the past. How do you see social media changing the scope of business?

I think in this “I need it now” age we’re in, it’s no longer good enough to advertise in traditional ways and just have a customer service number. You’ve gotta be involved in the conversation about you and your company’s products. It has to be a conversation, no matter what it’s about. And you have to get to customer service fast. Those that do this will find higher customer loyalty and possibly better sales.

Q. In your waking hours, you tweet every 20 minutes (or more). What about Twitter is so appealing to you?

Yup, that’s a funny story. When Twitter first came out, I didn’t see the appeal. I was one of those stodgy, old-school journalists, and refused to even try it. It wasn’t until I was forced to be on Twitter as part of my Grad program at Arizona State that I really “got it.” So since August 2010, I’ve tweeted over 40,000 times. It’s crazy.

What I like about it is the immediacy of it all. Whether you’re just following breaking news locally or on the other side of the word, or tweeting during a game, it’s happening NOW. I know what’s going on without having to wait for the news or anything else. I also like that, for the most part, the twitter crowd is a little more intelligent than what you get on Facebook. Whether you think so or not, it takes intelligence to form a coherent thought in less than 140 characters.

I also like what it’s done to barriers — those put up by “famous” people, as well as those that are put up by businesses. Seriously, there are none. I’ve been able to have conversations with NY Times editors, celebrities, athletes, all sorts of people. And if they want, they can talk back. I know a friend who got her internship at the Washington Post merely because she was brave enough to talk to an editor on twitter. They ended up bumping into each other at a conference, and she got the internship!

Q. You’re on the job hunt. (Companies, listen up!) What would be the ideal position for you?

I’m not sure if I have an “ideal” position. While I’d love to work in social media for a company or university, my skills in multimedia journalism, editing, design (web & print), photography, writing, and social media branding make it so that I can work in a lot of different fields. I just really want to make a difference to people by using my talents to communicate or tell stories.

Q. As a multimedia journalist, what do you want your career legacy to be?

That’s a hard question to answer, but it’s something I’ve put a lot of thinking into: What I want to do is use my talents to tell people’s stories somehow. And for most of my life, that’s been through journalism. But I’m finding that you can do that same thing with companies. Call it humanizing corporate America. So I don’t know what’s going to happen. I just know I can’t write my life in pen. It’s gotta be in pencil.

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Twitter: @nicknewman801



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