Sliding down the fire pole, here she comes

Sometimes you come across a writer who fills a void you didn’t know you had. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes, blogger at, surely is on my list. We’ve only met online recently, and let me tell you: This girl’s got pizzazz. She’s a pop culture devotee, blogging queen, and writer extraordinaire. Below you’ll see her article, “If Hunger Games Tributes Owned iPhones.”

Q. You admit on your blog you have a “life ambition to slide down a fire pole.” After you check that one off the bucket list, what’s your next big goal in life, particularly when it comes to writing?

A. Oh, the fire pole! I will conquer it someday. I read some articles online to make sure I know the proper sliding technique when the time comes. I can’t botch that moment! But on to your real question, I think one major goal, like most bloggers out there, is to gain a legitimate following online. I could write all day and night (oh wait, I already do), but having an audience is incredibly validating. As for my content writing career (shout-out to my incredible company!), there’s always more to learn and more ways to improve — I just never want to stop educating myself. And then there’s always the question of writing a book. I’m thinking maybe something about a school for wizards, and one of them has a lightning…oh wait, nevermind.

Q. Katie, you’re a creative writer at Skyhook Marketing, a contributor for the Huffington Post, and faithful blogger – looks like you’re quite delighted to write. What do you love about writing?

A. Writing is like art to me! (Probably crayon art, since that’s all I can handle in that realm.) But really, I love just pouring the words onto a page and then moving phrases around, tweaking punctuation and balancing it all out until it just clicks. There are few things more satisfying than thinking about something and putting it on paper exactly right. It’s like this ultimate moment of expression, and makes me want to run out my front door and with my fist in the air, yelling, “I did it, universe!”

Q. Originally you named your blog “Scruples,” after your favorite word – when and why did you change to

A. As a marketer, I’m involved in creating strong brand identities for my clients. I just decided one day that I wanted to solidify my own personal brand and commit myself to building a stronger, more memorable online presence. I love the word scruples (I think it sounds like a bowl of cereal), but I wanted to create a more seamless brand from my URL to comments I leave on other people’s blogs. Unfortunately, there are a zillion bloggers out there named Katie — so I needed to differentiate myself. My dad called me “katilda” in an email one day, and it delighted me so much that I decided to run with it.

Q. I’ve seen all lower-case writing popping up more and more lately. I notice you opt for it on your blog. I pin you more a trendsetter than follower, and I’m wondering – what was your thought process deciding to go lower case?

A. I appreciate you pinning me as a trendsetter — does this mean overalls are really going to catch on? (I’m involved in a very committed quest to bring them back into fashion.) As for the lowercase thing…I just liked having the more informal feel on my blog. Although I am generally obsessive about grammar, I usually write my personal emails to close friends and family without bothering with capital letters and such. That habit just carried over into my blog one day and decided to stick around, I suppose!

Q. You’re a word maker-upper. What word gems are you most proud of?

A. Excellent question! Well, I’m a big believer in referring to spandex pants as “spants.” I’m also quite proud of “hooligang,” which I use to refer to any group of delinquent youth. Another favorite habit is using “bieber” as a euphemism, aka “oh my bieber” and “what the biebs.” If you read my blog regularly, you’ll also pick up on the fact that “hooverdam” is my prime swear word of choice. I might say something like, “Good biebs, did you see the spants on that hooverdam hooligang?”

“If Hunger Games Tributes Owned iPhones”

They’ve changed the way the average person lives daily life, so it’s worth wondering — what would happen if popular fictional characters had access to iPhones?

It certainly would have a legitimate effect on The Lord of the Rings (I imagine Frodo would have killed for a solid GPS system and some Face Time with Gandalf) or High School Musical (imagine the limited number of takes if the cast could have practiced auto-tuning themselves beforehand), not to mention Twilight (all it would have taken is a simple “vampire symptoms” Google search and we could have skipped a lot of hemming and hawing on Bella’s part).

Because it’s the hottest thing on the pop culture radar these days, let’s take a look at this issue in relation to the smash hit The Hunger Games trilogy and upcoming film.


It seems like The Capitol pretty much has it covered when it comes to broadcasting the games to the districts on the outside. But any good social media follower knows that some of the best news comes via the tweets and posts of people on the inside — not from the glossed-over version available on major broadcasting networks.

The games might take on an entirely different flavor if the people had access to a constant Twitter stream from within the arena or some disgruntled Facebook statuses from an angsty tribute or two. And imagine the repinning power of a mockingjay image!

Not to mention, it would add some serious flavor to the romance situation if the audience could follow Katniss’ relationship status from “In an Open Relationship with Gale” to “It’s Complicated with Peeta” and everything in between.

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  1. i am so loving this! thanks for taking the time to interview me 🙂 i am feeling extra motivated to find that fire pole now.

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing your insight @katilda!

  3. I think the question that interests me as I read this is what does it take to gain a dedicated audience as a blogger? There are so many blogs out there, what do you bring to the table that is going to hook me and keep me coming back? There are so many things that demand our attention. Just a quick browse of Katie’s blog, I connected to the post about loving yourself without tearing others down, as it took such an interesting angle on self-esteem and fitness. I think you have to go after a really niche audience with blogs and have new information on the topics that interest that niche constantly.

    • You make excellent points, Anthony. In a world saturated with content, it is intimidating to throw your ring in the blogosphere and hope your words will be read. I debated your very questions with myself for a mighty long time before I got up the courage to launch “delighted to write.” As a marketer, I researched, did a SWOT analysis, and wrote a full-out marketing plan before I shared this url with anyone. And just like launching a cell phone, or a movie, or any other product that seeks attention, after the effort has been made, all you can do is charge ahead and hope for the best. Thanks for reading, and getting to know Katie. Appreciate your comment!

    • Anthony, thanks for checking out my blog! I have definitely been thinking a lot lately about the whole “niche” thing. I get the most interaction on my blog when I write the “heavier” posts (a la the self esteem one), but i have a hard time giving up my sillier posts too. It’s definitely a balance I am evaluating!

  4. I’m extremely inspired with your writing talents as neatly as with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid subject or did you customize it yourself? Anyway stay up the excellent high quality writing.

  5. Sure do love me some Katilda. And I’m happy to have discovered this delightful blog through her. (See what I did there?)

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