Spotlight Saturday

There’s such a world of writing talent out there! These hand-selected professionals caught my eye, all for the same reason: they have a way with words. From New York Times bestsellers, to interesting bloggers, to a sportswriter for the Phoenix Suns; get to know them through Q & A sessions. Feel free to connect via their websites, blogs, and social platforms, listed at the end of every interview.

For your convenience, I’ve categorized the featured folks below, although most of them wear multiple hats. Click on the writer you want to know more about, and then … enjoy!


Author and CSI Investigator Paul Rimmasch is currently writing a book of ghost stories.
Paul Rimmasch is an author and CSI investigator who stumbled into writing books with his first, “The Lost Stones.” Read about his current project, a collection of ghost stories here.

scott mckain

Scott McKain is an internationally-acclaimed speaker and best-selling author of “Create Distinction,” among other books. Read what he has to say about being published in his Q & A here.


Amy Jo Wilde wrote and published her first memoir, “White Bees,” in fall 2013. By sharing her experience of being born with cleft lip and palate, she helps others find their inner beauty. Get to know Amy here.


katilda blog

Sometimes you come across a writer who fills a void you didn’t know you had. When I first came across Katie Elizabeth Hawkes, creative mastermind behind, I had to learn more. Check out her take on writing and sliding down fire poles here.


You know you’ve found a rad writer when she names her blog, “Boogers on the Wall.” Natalie Clemens shares her daily adventures of motherhood, the heartache of losing a child, and other interesting peeks into her psyche on her blog. Get to know her here.

Creative Writers


She starts social movements. She writes personal essays to combat bullies. Amy Taylor considers herself a wordologist. She’s part of the Brains on Fire crew, and puts creative zest into everything she does. Meet one of my marketing + creative writing role models.



Jeannette Bennett Spotlight SaturdayEditor-in-Chief Jeneatte Bennett co-founded Utah Valley Magazine with her husband in 2000. Now they are owners of several publications. In this interview, she shares about family, faith, and wanting to “fit in all” in life, like a game of Tetris.

Online editor Kate Ensign-Lewis is on the staff of LDS Living magazine. She balances motherhood with her passion of writing, and has a beautiful perspective. Get to know Kate.

Freelance Writers

carol tice circle
Carol Tice is a queen of the freelance world. In fact, she earns a six-figure income writing for publications like Forbes. In addition to dozens of client deadlines, she runs a community called the Freelance Writer’s Den to help other writers find their way. Meet Carol.

sam_circleMeet Samantha, called Sam who freelances and writes a blog called Scarlett, Called ScoutI admire the sheer honesty in her writing.  I see no limits to her writing career potential. Read her Q & A here

Social Media Change Agents

Cassie NielsenSocial-savvy Cassie Nielsen is revolutionizing the new year’s resolution in 2014 with her movement called #HashtagResolution. Each month she selects one goal, like #meatless January, and shares her journey through social media. Read her feature here.



Multimedia journalist Nick Newman can almost always be found on Twitter. At the time of his Q & A, he’s tweeted more than 40,000 times. Learn why here.


mattp_circleA sports fan and a word wizard all his life, Matt Petersen is living the dream. He’s now a Digital Reporter for the Phoenix Suns, although his interview took place about a year before he scored his NBA gig.