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Ancient grammar issues + giveaway winner

April 5, 2013 |  by  |  Grammar matters  |  , ,  |  6 Comments


grammar policeCan’t remember when to use an apostrophe? Get the cold sweats over semicolons?

Well, at least according to comic Wiley Miller’s take on ancient history, Egyptians made grammar blunders too. Gotta love the kicker here: “Oh, for cryin’ out loud … you never end a sentence with a (bird figure)!”

Indeed, the art of word crafting and science of grammar rules can make writing seem almost mystical, a magic out of reach. I took a graduate course on editing last year, and learned a lot from my trusty When Words Collide. In fact, I keep it within arm’s length whenever writing, so I’m ready to take on (almost) any editing question.

Besides forever striking the word “irregardless” from our vocabularies, such a helpful grammar ally guides writing. If you’re serious about being a writer or editor, I highly suggest getting a reliable grammar guide. Keep it close. Let’s show those ancient grammar police who’s boss!

We all have our grammar strengths and  faux pas. Here are my grammar weaknesses – the ones I have to look up often! I’ve personalized this mini grammar lesson, and included you’ll see links to my personal blog. You’re welcome to check out the ones (that/which) pique your interest:

Grammar Rules to Remember


that restricts meaning
which elaborates on it
who can be used in either case for people or things personifying humans


A free service that takes the headache out of budgeting.
The funeral procession for the officer, which involved Ogden’s community, made us remember.
A snowboarder who does tricks would be cool to see!

 affect v. effect

affect means to influence or to pretend to have
effect means result or impact


The next time we go to Bear Lake, I’m sure Ryan will be affected by the blue water’s call.
The effect of wedding cake smeared on our faces made the crowd laugh.

“Create Distinction” giveaway winner

Last week I was delighted to share a Q & A with best-selling author and speaker, Scott McKain. Thanks to those who entered to win his book, “Create Distinction.” A signed copy of the book goes to…Gloria!

Here are her thoughts on distinction:

create distinction

If everyone believed in themselves and their own truths, and told their stories with confidence and openness, while others received them with the same kind of openness and confidence, I think that we wouldn’t be stuck in a rut today where we have to force ourselves to be “individuals” … Growing to trust yourself is the most organic way to distinction.



Comic mage via Non Sequitur Comics