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12 like-worthy Facebook pages for writers

12 like-worthy Facebook pages for writers

September 26, 2012 |  by  |  Social media exploration  |  , ,  |  4 Comments


Let’s admit it. We spend ridiculous amounts of time on Facebook. Mashable declared “Facebook” the most searched term last year, and the ubiquitous ‘Like’ button sets a widely accepted standard of, well, likeability. What does that mean for writers?

With oodles of author/writing/word Facebook pages out there, it’s surprisingly difficult to find a consolidated list. Thus, I hunted. I’ve sought them out based on a few criteria: Do I literally ‘Like’ it myself? Is the page content uplifting and educational, tidbits I’m happy to see in my stream? Is it beneficial for those of us who love wrangling words?

After searching, here’s my curation of like-worthy pages for writers. While I could rank them most-liked, I decided to give underdogs/newbies the spotlight and put them at the top. My comments are in italics, and each page has handy hyperlinks so you can give them some ‘Like’ love too. Ready, go!

Good People of Earth

“The world is full of good people. We’re introducing you to them, one interview at a time.” Filled with uplifting content, this page has made me smile many times. I featured Amy, the lovely founder of GPOE, here.



Writing Tips Daily

“We provide writing tips daily for aspiring writers looking to increase their knowledge and writing skills.”




American Writers Museum

Leaders, Readers, Writers. I love the “Power of the Word” concept they’re sharing.


Words Done Write

Amber shares insightful posts on communication and social media. She’s a wordmeister. I’m a fan.


The World Needs More Love Letters

Doesn’t it, though? I love this concept and they share inspiring, happy notes.


The Book Whisperer

Anyone who can teach kids to love books gets a gold star in my eyes.


Go, See, Write

Travel the world with this guy! He’s sharing words and images as a full-time traveler. What a rad way to live.



Freelance Writing Jobs

They often share humorous grammar memes. You know I’m a sucker for those.


WanderNot Communications

What beautiful pictures! They share great thoughts too. It’s a celebration in your Facebook stream to follow this page.



The Writer’s Circle

I often see quotes from wise writers here. If you dig quotes, this page will definitely brighten your day.



Freelancers Union

It’s always nice to learn about writing gigs and connect with a large network of writers. Thank you, Freelancers Union.



Grammar Girl

With 80,000+ Likes already, here’s a page every word lover needs to see. Grammar Girl will keep you in line, with a little bit of sass!


delighted to write

Let’s make it an even baker’s dozen, shall we? My page is a meant to be a celebration of words.

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