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Bring back the interrobang‽

Bring back the interrobang‽

November 30, 2012 |  by  |  Grammar matters  |  , ,  |  10 Comments


Some punctuation marks never see the light of day. Say what?!

That, my friends, is an example of when the interrobang could come in handy. When the question mark and exclamation point had a love child, they named him INTERROBANG, although you likely never heard of him in English class.

Truth be told, according to all-knowing Wikipedia, American Martin K. Speckter conceptualized the interrobang in 1962. “As the head of an advertising agency, Speckter believed that advertisements would look better if copywriters conveyed surprised rhetorical questions using a single mark.”

As you know, the interrobang failed to live up to Speckter’s lofty dreams for it, and in today’s digital world, the interrobang doesn’t exist in most fonts.

I say it’s time we bring it back, and I’m not alone. Chief Judge Frank H. Easterbrook used an interrobang in the 2012 Seventh Circuit opinion Robert F. Booth Trust v. Crowley. The State Library of New South Wales includes the interrobang in its logo.

Here are some more interrobang-worthy examples:

He did what‽
Expelled from school, again‽
You’re pregnant‽

Now, tag, it’s your turn. Share some phrases that deserve the long-lost interrobang. (You can copy/paste mine, if you want.)

P.S. Next week I’ll host a contest here unlike any you’ve ever seen, with rad prizes you don’t wanna miss. Standby!