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Pioneer Day: Can you imagine leaving books behind?

C.C.A. Christensen painting

Every year on July 24, Utah celebrates a state-wide holiday: Pioneer Day. The celebration of parades, fireworks, and rodeos honors the state’s settlers, Mormon pioneers, who first entered the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. After leaving the comforts of their sturdy homes and trekking for months through unknown lands, those pioneers must have felt such relief to finally see the “right place” to settle their homes.

Now what does this have to do with writing? Recently I read a journal entry of one of my own pioneer ancestor,  Danish-born American folk artist, C.C.A. Christensen. He wrote the following in 1856 when coming through Iowa City:

At the campground we encountered our first trials, in that we had to give up books. . . . We were only allowed to take fifteen pounds in weight for each person who was to travel with the handcarts, and that included our tinware for eating, bedding, and any clothing we did not wish to carry ourselves. . . .”

“Our train consisted of between thirty and forty handcarts. Each of these had an average of five person. . . . It was usually necessary for small children to ride in the handcart which the father, mother, and older brothers and sisters of the family pulled. . . .”

These people didn’t have tablets, iPhones, and TV to entertain them. They had no days off, no air conditioning, or comfortable cars. Theirs was a reality of daily challenges, one of back-breaking work, with their faith alone to motivate them. Books were their connection to anything beyond the trails and trials before them. Giving up books must have felt like leaving behind good friends.

I’m glad to live with modern comforts. And grateful to Christensen, who painted the pioneers on the plains, leaving behind first-hand illustrations. He said, “History will preserve much, but art alone can make the narration of the suffering of the Saints comprehensible for the following generation.”

Image: A detail from the “Mormon Panorama” series, as described here.


A moment with an LDS Living editor

A moment with an LDS Living editor

 One word you surely haven't missed during the U.S. Presidential campaigns with Mitt Romney involved: Mormon. As a Mormon, it's been intriguing to see Newsweek and TIME declare the past couple years as the “Mormon Moment.”  Today’s writer/editor is a talented friend of mine and fellow Mormon who works for LDS Living magazine. (LDS stands for “Latter-day Saint,” another way to refer to Mormons.) The publication shares “ideas for family, home, relationships, and more.” Kate writes with a beautiful perspective on the world, broadened by her studies of humanities and communication disorders. I hope to be a loving mother like her someday, one who see motherhood to be glorious (see her tender essay below) while contributing professionally. Meet the talented editor, Kate Ensign-Lewis.

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