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Does “thank you” still matter in the workplace? Win a $50 gift card

thank you typeWhen’s the last time your boss said “thank you” to you?

For my graduate thesis, I’m looking at the intersection of two passions: corporate communication and gratitude. I’m conducting research to explore the use, effectiveness, and dark sides of gratitude communications in the workplace. I’ve conducted three focus groups so far, and was pleasantly surprised at the passion about this topic. For sake of space, I had to turn away at least a dozen people for the focus groups.

I’ll admit: months ago I’d been timid about the topic, thinking it might be too “Pollyanna-ish.” Not anymore. With a supportive thesis committee, and collection of people’s experiences from focus groups, I see a need to be filled in the literature – and in managerial approach. In my literature reviews, I’ve not found anything else covering the topic quite like this. I’ll be sharing the findings here in spring of 2014.

What about you? I’m conducting a survey and need your input. To participate you need to be currently working full-time in an organization and have no employees reporting to you.

Complete the survey by 11:59 p.m. MST, Friday, Dec. 20 and you can enter to win one of two $50 gift cards. Study findings will be available to interested participants, and no names will be used in the research. Winners will be notified on Saturday, Dec. 21.

Take survey here: Gratitude in the Workplace

In all sincerity, thank you for your time.

Five little words that mean “thank you”

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Thank you very muchA few months ago, an admired mentor gifted me a lasting lesson in five profound words. At the time, I felt stretched on multiple fronts: spearheading a demanding project at work, keeping up with a pile of graduate school assignments, all while growing a new person. He gently asked how I was doing, not in the generic supposed-to-ask way, but sincerely inquiring on my health and happiness.

I honestly told him I was tired. I felt overwhelmed in the balancing act of being a professional, an academic, and soon-to-be mother. He nodded, understanding I had a lot on my plate.

His reply struck my heart:

“Enjoy it while it lasts.”

I remembered, momentarily ashamed, that he’d recently lost a loved one. His intent was not to make me feel bad, but remind me about the preciousness of each phase of life. I wrote down his words, putting them in a place I see them every day. I’ve thought often since about how fortunate I am to be in the midst of opportunities, enjoying great health, and wonderful associations. As he reminded me, I hope to enjoy each phase, and recognize at every season that I’m truly blessed.

You are too. The fact that we’re alive in this era of time, with technological advances in communication, medicine, transportation – you name it – allows us an ease of life never known before to humankind. It’s a good time to be alive. With Thanksgiving tomorrow, let us all take time to thank the people in our life who make it worth living.

To my admired mentor: a heartfelt thank you for your five words that mean so much.

And to you reader friend, wherever and whoever you are: Thanks for being here.

Party time!

Party time!

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Confetti? Check. Cue the music; it’s time to celebrate!

You may have already heard about this writing blog, liked the Facebook page, or stumbled here serendipitously (isn’t that a great word?) No matter what brought you, I’m delighted you’re here.

I’m Crystalee, and I love to write. The way I see it, our world is made of words, and I can’t get enough of them. After all, without words, how would you get a card in the mail from a long-time friend, see funny grammar mistakes on a bathroom sign,  quote your favorite movie line, critique a billboard advertisement as you drive by, or feel that pat-yourself-on-the-back satisfaction when you get a sentence just right?

When words come purposefully together, magic happens. Writing or reading, you’ve no doubt realized words have tremendous power. You know the feeling, when you read a book, article, or even a phrase and it touches you, reaches something deep inside and makes you want to share with the nearest person who will listen?

I call feeling that wordbliss. I hope we’ll have many wordbliss moments here – I’m thrilled to learn from you.

On this launch post, I’d like to recognize the wonderful people who encouraged, taught, edited, and assisted me.  Here’s the kind village who helped launch this blog:

Thank you everyone who’s already liked, followed, tweeted, subscribed – I’ve seen every one of your names and sincerely thank you for your support.

Thank you talented Blaine for designing the logo and being patient in the process.

Thank you Selena Sorensen for sharing your gifted photographer’s eye.

Thank you Jen and Katy for being my pre-photo hair support team.

Thank you Phil, Amy, Katie, and Samantha for being the first professionals who will be featured. You’re all oh-so-talented and I’m ecstatic to share your words.

Thank you MPC professor, Dr. Josephson, for editing upcoming posts and supporting this launch as my summer grad project. (And giving it an ‘A’!)

Thank you to my amazing colleagues at MarketStar who trust me as go-to editor, writer, and manager of company blogs and social platforms. That experience gives me confidence for this venture! Dave, Adam G., Adam P., Phil, Manuel, Tim, Brenda, Candis, Catina, Travis, Jeff, Katie B., Jay, Julie (the list could go on and on): thanks for teaching me every day about marketing and business at a best-in-class level.

Thank you Katie Salter and Ryan Olsen for your professional and peer edits of my pre-launch marketing plan.

Thank you Mark Carpenter for challenging me to start a blog years ago and being my mentor and friend.

Thank you my mentor in Chicago, who believed I could write. I’ll never forget when you told me during my internship I’d have “one helluva career.”

Thank you Adam Price, my brilliant developer/designer guru friend, for helping me get WordPress set up.

Thank you Amy Wilde for being my special writing friend. Your encouragement means more than you know.

Thank you Mom for regularly library visits when I was a kid and instilling the belief I can do anything I set my mind to.

Thank you Dad for yesteryear’s reading challenges and your adventurous way of exploring new lands and thoughts.

Thank you Jim, Sue, Ron, Trisha, Erika, Matt, Emily, Crysti, Dave, John, Rob, Jen, Kensi, Richard, Tami, Randy, Riley – I’m blessed to have such great family. I love you all.

Most of all, thank you to my Ryan, who lets me stay up too late writing, probably more than he’d like.  You’re my favorite.


P.S. Tune in this Saturday for the first spotlight to meet a communication professional who worked behind the scenes at the Olympic Games in 2002.