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My takeaways from Twitter’s Lisa Wang

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“Brands don’t have target markets, but target moments,” said Lisa Wang, of Twitter’s Sales Operations in Singapore. It seems to fly in the face of traditional marketing and PR, but it makes total sense. Communication, at lightning-fast social speed, has changed drastically in a handful of years. Make that the past few months.

Lisa spoke as a keynote speaker the final day of the CCI Conference on Corporate Communication last month. As I listened to her talk, “The Power of #Moments: Redefining Marketing in the Age of Real-Time,” I couldn’t take notes fast enough.

Sense of Universal Connectivity

We live in a big world, but all ultimately want the same three things in life. What are they? Find out in this captivating video Lisa shared – see if you can watch without getting the chills. It gets me every time:

See what I mean? On our universal wish list, we all want to 1) feel connected 2) feel relevant, and 3) be an active participant. Social media grants us the ability to do all three, and isn’t it amazing how the whole globe feels within reach as we scroll through to see what others are up to? Each social network has it’s own twist on how to engage users, but Twitter’s ability to hold live, public conversations makes it a unique place for clever companies. Those who think quick and make the most of those “target moments” when they know users are watching will be rewarded.

“Digital Campfires,” #Gather Roundarbys

Within the Twitter organization, they refer to hashtags as “digital campfires” because they gather folks with similar interests around a certain topic. As you know, there are hashtags for almost anything. (Surprised to see the non-word redline under “hashtag” as I type this. Guess it’s not in the dictionary yet?) Lisa shared a number of clever company examples, like Arby’s calling for Pharrell Williams to give back their hat during the Grammy’s, and Kit Kat posting a tic-tac-toe game for Oreo to compete for the heart of #chocolate fan. With a little creativity, companies can hone in on the right times (target moments) to tell their story.

I’ll be sharing more on social media in the coming posts. In the meantime, give Lisa Wang a follow on Twitter at @ldubs.

Image is a screen shot from the video “The Most Astonishing Fact.”

20 standout writers with creative Twitter bios

20 standout writers with creative Twitter bios

February 4, 2013 |  by  |  Social media exploration  |  , ,  |  9 Comments

Last year I shared a list of writers with eye-catching Twitter bios. Since then, I've discovered many more writer gems who grace us with their 140-character presence. I can't help myself. I'm sharing these 2013 standout writers because their Twitter bios caused me to nod my head, laugh aloud, or wish I could jump through the computer screen and meet them in person. Yes, they're that awesome.

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Multimedia journalist and his 40,000 tweets

Multimedia journalist and his 40,000 tweets


I started my own Twitter journey a year ago on the quest to manage @MarketStar‘s corporate account. While I’d been a skeptic, I soon preferred the 140-character platform. That’s where I meet brilliant folks like @nicknewman801, today’s featured writer. Nick Newman rocks the Twittersphere, and you’ll soon see why he’s so passionate about it. #GoNick!

Q. You’ve managed social media platforms for a major regional bank in the past. How do you see social media changing the scope of business?

I think in this “I need it now” age we’re in, it’s no longer good enough to advertise in traditional ways and just have a customer service number. You’ve gotta be involved in the conversation about you and your company’s products. It has to be a conversation, no matter what it’s about. And you have to get to customer service fast. Those that do this will find higher customer loyalty and possibly better sales.

Q. In your waking hours, you tweet every 20 minutes (or more). What about Twitter is so appealing to you?

Yup, that’s a funny story. When Twitter first came out, I didn’t see the appeal. I was one of those stodgy, old-school journalists, and refused to even try it. It wasn’t until I was forced to be on Twitter as part of my Grad program at Arizona State that I really “got it.” So since August 2010, I’ve tweeted over 40,000 times. It’s crazy.

What I like about it is the immediacy of it all. Whether you’re just following breaking news locally or on the other side of the word, or tweeting during a game, it’s happening NOW. I know what’s going on without having to wait for the news or anything else. I also like that, for the most part, the twitter crowd is a little more intelligent than what you get on Facebook. Whether you think so or not, it takes intelligence to form a coherent thought in less than 140 characters.

I also like what it’s done to barriers — those put up by “famous” people, as well as those that are put up by businesses. Seriously, there are none. I’ve been able to have conversations with NY Times editors, celebrities, athletes, all sorts of people. And if they want, they can talk back. I know a friend who got her internship at the Washington Post merely because she was brave enough to talk to an editor on twitter. They ended up bumping into each other at a conference, and she got the internship!

Q. You’re on the job hunt. (Companies, listen up!) What would be the ideal position for you?

I’m not sure if I have an “ideal” position. While I’d love to work in social media for a company or university, my skills in multimedia journalism, editing, design (web & print), photography, writing, and social media branding make it so that I can work in a lot of different fields. I just really want to make a difference to people by using my talents to communicate or tell stories.

Q. As a multimedia journalist, what do you want your career legacy to be?

That’s a hard question to answer, but it’s something I’ve put a lot of thinking into: What I want to do is use my talents to tell people’s stories somehow. And for most of my life, that’s been through journalism. But I’m finding that you can do that same thing with companies. Call it humanizing corporate America. So I don’t know what’s going to happen. I just know I can’t write my life in pen. It’s gotta be in pencil.

Religious Weigh God’s Law Against Country’s Law

Cronkite Borderlands Initiative

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – It’s a call to serve the poor. And for many of Christian faith, Matthew 25:40 is a mandate to do as Jesus would do.

But in the Dominican Republic – where birthright citizenship has been outlawed and left thousands of Dominican-born residents of Haitian descent without a country to call their own – doing so has fueled a conflict between this country’s law and what some see as God’s law. Read the rest of Nick’s story in full color here.

 Connect with Nick

Twitter: @nicknewman801



20 clever writers with eye-catching Twitter bios

20 clever writers with eye-catching Twitter bios


I’ve become such an advocate of Twitter. As a word-based social platform, sweet tweets simply speak to me. You can use Twitter to curate knowledge, instant news, and professional content. As my colleague and mentor @adamcgunn likes to say, “Facebook is where you share silly stuff with the people closest to you. Twitter is where you share your best, professional content with people you hardly know.”

The more I use it, the more I #loveit.

Even if you’re not on Twitter, you can still appreciate creative word wrangling in 140 characters or less. On Twitter, your bio is your key tool to share who you are, what you’re about, attract a following, and find new friends.  Naturally, writers have an edge in this space. The following are impressive writers I’ve found in my Twitter explorations over the past year. They’ve inspired me in unique ways, and I appreciate their love of words. Mind you, these are NOT ranked – each writer has their own unique flavor, so I opted for ABC order. Gander through, and you’ll see some wordbliss! For your convenience, I’ve hyperlinked so you can easily follow them too. And without further ado…

@AnnieGreen14   A wannabe writer trying to write that novel I’m sure is in me. 

@ArchangelAnders   I wrote a book. It has vampires that don’t sparkle, redneck zombies, jinn pimps and a normal guy caught in the middle. Further, I have a cat, Mr. Hate.

@BareFoot_Writer  And the words, they flow through my finger tips, covering the white pages with black. Creator of adult fairy tales with a heathy dose of magical realism.

@Brenna_Lauren I’m a writer. There’s a serenade being sung, a stranger just smiled at his soul-mate and somewhere, someone just fell in love.

@HLGonzalez00  Writer, actor & minder of plenty of things that are none of my business. Author of a little humor book, The Lone Finger, on &

 @jghellum  Multimedia journalist, soc med specialist, crowdsourcing enthusiast. Left my ad career behind to tell people’s stories. I blog about branding for journalists.

@JHouston89  Always on, word-struck storyteller, chaser of 4 great kids and one linear husband, passionate life embracer 

@JodyNeilRuth  I write. I drive. I get in trouble                

@K8Ehawkes @skyhookmktg Creative Writer. Blogger. Frisbee addict. Mormon. BYU grad. Millennial. Thrifter. Suns/Dbacks fan. Eater. Singer. Runner. Wiggler. 

@JohnMc_Lpool  Once an engineering lecturer, I am now an actor and writer who does lots of other things to keep the wolf from the door. Oh, and I often coach people in writing

@LouisaMawsoI’m a writer. I spank sentences into shape. I also make artisan jewellery.

@natalienorton   Passionately in love with real life and the words and photographs that capture it. Blogging at

@NoMeatballs   Wordologist. Artisanal message maker. Pixie dust sneezer. Dog lover. Wine drinker. Lead Copywriter @brainsonfire. Not a fan of meatballs.

@reagankreynolds  seeker of truth, writer, avid reader, designer of Glory Tree Flowers. challenged to write a tweet story a day (8/2/12-…)

@RichardLouden  I’m a journalist. My first novel, out soon, is The Girl with the Haunting Smile. Okay, you guessed it’s a love story. But that’s all you’ll guess right.

@thewritermama Christina Katz. Writer of books. Coach to many. Platform whisperer. Task-master. Social artist. Media magician. Feminista. Happy wife. Proud mama. Pet servant. 

@TiaDobi   Copywriter. Marketer. P.T. Barnum in a skirt producing intelligent creative to sell your stuff.  

@TravisErwin   A big hairy Texan, unafraid to read or write a good love story. Or a rum swilling carnivore with a story to tell. You choose.

@WildeAtmosphere   I feel words all day long. They reach inside me. Tug at my heart. Make me think. Want to share. My Atmosphere. Would like an agent for my memoir, White Bees.

 @wordsdonewrite   Blogger, former broadcast journalist & book/mag editor, winner of 8th grade Best English Student award, Slurpee fan, & sucker for a good adjective. #NMX Editor.

Encore, you say? Don’t mind if I do. I’ll throw my bio in the mix as No. 21. If you’re on Twitter, let’s connect!

@delighted2write   Writer celebrating words at @marketstar marketer by day, Comms grad student by night. Gluten-free traveler. Tweets & spunk are my own.

Now you’ve browsed through these bios, I’d love to hear: What are your thoughts on Twitter?