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The joys of sky writing

The joys of sky writing



Sunrise views make 4 a.m. wake-ups worth it

As a writer and traveling enthusiast, I’ve spent many, many hours writing in the sky. In fact, I tend to discover my most interesting writing ideas at 33,000 feet.

The first job I snagged out of college was working for an airline. (Hello flight benefit addiction!) In three and a half years wearing flight attendant wings and gifting free peanuts to passengers, I’ve made it to all 50 states and seen gorgeous sunrises, sunsets, the tippy tops of mountains, and rippling waves of oceans. I captured the picture-perfect cloud scene above with my camera phone, looking through the galley window. (Now that’s an office with a view, right?)

Ever wondered what flight attendants do after giving out snacks and drinks? For me, after cabin service is complete, I’m delighted to write. If I have a few spare minutes (or hours sometimes!), I sit in the jumpseat with a notebook and jot  ideas. Sometimes it’s to-do lists or ideas for freelance articles. Other times I catch up on my journal, and include the route I’m flying next to the date (e.g., ATL-SLC), so I’ll remember later.

flight attendant crystalee

The day I officially became a flight attendant

As a matter of fact, the idea for this blog was born in the sky. I wanted my own corner in the digital world and needed an angle. I took an inventory of my interests: traveling, communication, active living, marketing, humanities, leadership, the color teal – but what topic could I never tire writing about?

Up there, I had a mile-high realization: crisp copy, scintillating syntax, and grammar matters – now that gets me excited. It came to me: celebrate words. And thus, delighted to write came into fruition.

Fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen; I’m ramping up my blog editorial calendar and have some fun Saturday Spotlights, posts, and contests up my sleeve. Thanks for reading and being part of the journey with me.

And friend – next time you fly, take a pen.  

Where do you like to write? Let’s hear it in the comments.