Words with friends: What’s in YOUR name?


Words with Friends, I was way ahead of you.

Bust out the creativity, and boredom hasn’t got a chance. With so many words to read, write, and discuss, there’s an endless supply of entertainment. Introducing…a word game you can play whenever you need to fill time on a long plane taxi, waiting at the bus stop, or to combat death by meeting. Entertaining for kids of all ages, this game can be played anywhere you can find pen and paper – no cards, Scrabble pieces, iPads, or batteries required.

On road trips as a teenager, I filled long hours of highway stretches with games in the backseat. That’s when I made up this name game,  challenging my best friend Trisha to see how many words she could find in her first name, while I did the same.

The only rule? Only use the letters you have, and only the number you have (e.g., if you have two “e”s, you can use both, but not three.) While a brainy gal, Trisha didn’t have a chance. My parents blessed me with a vowel-rich name, and I kept finding more and more words. The list grew to 33, then 74…and now I know 100 words in Crystalee. The word cloud above contains those words, thanks to wonderful wordle.net, another boredom buster for word lovers.

At first, I liked to think the words in my name described me: ace, create, art, teal (favorite  color), yes, star… then I noticed rats, eels, tar, and least…and gave up that theory. 🙂

100 words in Crystalee

1 a 11 ate 21 crates 31 eat 41 later
2 ace 12 aye 22 crease 32 eats 42 lease
3 aces 13 car 23 create 33 eel 43 least
4 ale 14 cars 24 creates 34 eels 44 lest
5 alert 15 cast 25 crystal 35 eye 45 let
6 alerts 16 cat 26 ear 36 eyes 46 lets
7 are 17 cats 27 ears 37 lace 47 rat
8 art 18 cease 28 ease 38 laces 48 rate
9 as 19 celt 29 easel 39 laser 49 rates
10 at 20 crate 30 east 40 late 50 rats


51 ray 61 sat 71 slate 81 tales 91 tee
52 rays 62 say 72 stale 82 tar 92 tees
53 real 63 sea 73 star 83 taser 93 tray
54 reals 64 seal 74 stare 84 tea 94 trays
55 relate 65 sear 75 stay 85 teal 95 ye
56 relates 66 seat 76 steal 86 tear 96 yea
57 resale 67 see 77 steel 87 tears 97 year
58 rest 68 seer 78 steer 88 teas 98 years
59 sale 69 set 79 stray 89 tease 99 yes
60 salt 70 slat 80 tale 90 teaser 100 yet

If you’ve got a short name like Bo, no worries. This game works for any word when your brain needs to hit the mental gym. Take elephant, for example. It contains: ant, tea, at, let, pant, teal, peel, pelt, tan, tap, hat, heel, heap, leap, pen, pet, pal, heal, ten…and what else do you see?

What about you? What’s in YOUR name?



  1. That’s one of my favorite baby shower games, making words from the name of the baby. Possibly I love it because I always rock the competition. That’s what comes from growing up in a word game loving family. So here’s mine. Caitlin – cat, lit, nit, can, tan, lain, lint, til, tin, ant, act, tail, nail, ail, clan, tic, talc, an, I, in, it, at…that’s all I got. It definitely helps to have more letters in your name. I’m quite impressed with your 100 words.

    • Caitlin, nice list you’ve got there. What about “lactin”? (Looked it up, it’s a relative of lactose.) And on growing up with word games: I knew I loved your family!

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